Woooooooow An entire year….

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve posted on here….Craziness.

Since my last post, last year, was gettin’ to go to Old Clinton War Days…. We/I did NOT go this year. (2019) Mr. Chad got a bug up his butt a month before, right before the Nash Farms event. He helped Chuck set up his Sutlery for Manassas/ Fort Wallace-Wood in March, so Chuck was kinda’ thinkin’ he’d help him out at Nash & Old Clinton. Nope, didn’t happen. I think Chad had had enough of “workin'” at an event. He’s done Cannon duty since Broxton Bridge, back in March. So all he did at Fort Wallace-Wood was work, help with the cannon & work. Not a very relaxing weekend for him. I, on the other hand, had a GOOD time. 🙂
So, when it came time for Nash Farms, he said NO. ( Says he doesn’t like it there anyway. :-p Whatever….) Old Clinton rolled around & again, nope. Wouldn’t answer anyone’s calls, nor reply to anyone’s texts. So No Old Clinton for us. :’-(

Then 2 weeks ago, he asks if I wanna’ go to the Blueberry Festival in Alma. 😮 The 53rd sets up & they do a little skirmish down there. OoooooooooooooooooooK. Sooooooo, we drove 2 hours down there, sat around for 3-4 hours. He did the skirmish, we visited with folks, & we came home. I was soooooooo surprised he even wanted to go down there. Hell, I packed alllllllllllllll my stuff up after we didn’t go to Nash Farms. I figured we were DONE. Guess not.
Now, he’s talkin’ about 2-3 more this year. 😮 Really? Ooooooooooooooook…. :-p
I think he’s more interested in Living Histories now than “Reenactments”. I’d much rather do a Living History. 🙂 Soooo, he’s talkin’ about doin’ the Andersonville LH next year, AT the Fort. He wants to do Irwinville this Sept., & I think he wants to do Sandersville ( Which is only held every 5 years) & maybe The Andersonville Historic Fair. I surely Do LOVE Andersonville, so I REALLY hope we get to go to that one, for sure. I doubt we’ll go to Hurricane Shoals, tho. He just doesn’t like the camping set-up/situation. Which is funny, ’cause I think it’s kinda’ awesome. LOL But he’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay weirder than I am! LMAO!!!! He’s also talkin’ about doin’ the LH at Jarrell Plantation in Aug…




It’s that time of year again. Old Clinton War Days in Clinton, Ga.

I was sooooooooooooooo afraid I wasn’t gonna’ get to go much, or if I did, I’d be by myself. I wasn’t 100% sure if the Mr. was in the mood for it. ( He’s like that. ~sigh~)
I’ve been lookin’ forward to Old Clinton alllllllll freakin’ year!!! Hell, since last year! LOL
It’s just a really good reenactment. Everyone’s laid back, & friendly. I guess it helps that I actually know 5 or 6 people, too. lol Annnnnnnnnd, since I missed Aiken, Broxton Bridge & the Ladies retreat ( Which Ronda cancelled, ’cause how much fun is it by yourself? ~frown~), I am SOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo ready for this!!!
No houses to clean, no cats, no dogs, just me & Mr. Man, in 1864. I’m Very much lookin’ forward to a roasted chicken, over the fire, & our now annual Satyrday night beef stew. ~smile~ ( Chad says he eats better at a reenactment than he does all week! LOL ) Plus, Old Clinton Bar-B-Q Brunswick Stew Thur night! ~smile~ Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

& of course, since I wanted to be done before 1pm tomorrow, my Airbnb guest requested a late check out! Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg!!!! I told him they could stay ’til 12noon, if they’d go ahead & strip the beds & bring the dirties downstairs. ~rolls eyes~ I’m just too freakin’ nice. But, Chad won’t be here to get me ’til 230 or so, since he can’t leave ’til the school kids vamoose. ( 3 days of school days this year!) & I’m pretty much ready to go. I still need to sew/mend a few things, but I can do that once I’m there. & I’ll bake muffins & sweet cake tomorrow before I go clean The Wise Blood House.

I’m so freakin’ happy!!! I finally get to do Something, other than Work, work, work!!! About damn time! LOL

Still angry & upset

The Wise Blood house has noooooooooooooo idea how close it came to losin’ it’s cleaner today. I’m still so angry I can’t sleep. It’s 1:45 in the A.M. & I’m still cryin’ about those assholes.

Reservation said *1* person. Cool. Easy clean. 1 of my other clients gets in touch with me last night & asks if I can do a clean on his place, as Historic Macon is coming Wed. Sure, I say. I should be done with TWBH before 2, so noooo problem.
I be bop over there about 11:15, so as to be sure said Dude is gone. 1st thing I do is go upstairs so I can pull the linens from the bed. As I come up the stairs, I see both air mattresses pulled out. Hunh? Then I look & all 3 upstairs beds have been slept in. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?! This was 1 person!!! I text the homeowner & say what’s goin’ on. Oh, he’s in a band & he must’ve let the band crash there last night, too. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?! A BAND is generally not 1 person. What’s up with the reservation then? I go & check the bathrooms so I can get the wet towels they’ve left in piles ( even ON 1 of the beds.) & notice what appears to be vomit in the toilet. Really? You can’t even be bothered to flush after you barf? Thanks. Carry massive laundry downstairs, get it started & go into the kitchen where I find 2 cups, 2 glasses & a dish dirty. Now, in the house manual in big black bold print it says “If you leave dirty dishes you owe *ME* $10. How much plainer can I make it?!?!?! I don’t care if it’s 1 cup or 20, wash your own fucking dishes!!! I am not a maid!!! So I call him on it & he calls me a rude psycho. Your reservation said 1 person. You even asked “I’ll have the house to myself, right?” MYSELF does not imply more people! He said he thought he put down 5 people. Uuuuuuuh noooooooooo, you put down 1. I’m sick to death of people not wanting to fess up as to how many people are in their party. If you can’t afford it, STAY ELSEWHERE!!!!
Needless to say, I had to cancel my other job of the day, which really infuriated me, because I would’ve never agreed to it had I known I’d be cleaning up after a band!!!!
Dude threw a wad of money at the homeowners, but I don’t care. That’s not the point. You lied & were extremely inconsiderate. I don’t want your fuckin’ money. That’s So NOT the point. ( as a matter of fact, I sent over half of it back. I kept my fee + $25. As much as I need the money, I just don’t feel right takin’ it. I don’t know why, but I just don’t.)

That was the icing on the cake.

Last night I realized there was no way I was gonna’ make it to the Ladies Retreat at Elijah Clark State park. had to cancel on that.Yet another event I’ve been looking forward to for months & I got no way there. Over $100 for Greyhound & a 4 HOUR layover on the way home. Nope, nope, NOPE. I might as well give up.
I’ll just sit here & watch movies & call it a day. What’s the point of tryin’ to do stuff by yourself. Hell, that’s easy for me. I’ve been doin’ it for over half my life. Woulda’ been nice to have someone to do things with, but I guess it’s not in the cards for me. So I reckon I’ll be walkin’ a lot more & tryin’ to take a cab now & then. I’ll become more of a hermit than I am already, if that’s possible.

I’ll spend this weekend packin’ up all my reenactment gear & costumes. No use having them out & about & reminding me of things I can’t do. That’s too depressing & my life is depressing enough as it is.

Thwarted, again…


It’s Cherry Blossom Festival time in lil’ ol’ Macon, Ga. Lots & Lots of people lookin’ at barely pink blooms of Yoshino Cherry trees. We have more than Washington D.C. & their fest is nationally televised. Ours is crowded enough, tho, thanks! LOL

Every year one of the big highlights for me is the Ocmulgee lantern tour. You can walk the paths of the Ocmulgee Indian mounds in the dark! It’s spectacular. I got to do it once, about 20 years ago. It was Soooooooooo cool! & Every year, I hope to do it again. But alas, not this year. Once again, I either worked ( every freakin’ day this week, of course.) or I sat here. Today ( Saturday) I did go, by myself, to the Mulberry street arts & crafts fair. I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of sitting here, doing nothing on my day off!!! ( Granted, I didn’t leave the house ’til after 1pm, but I did leave! LOL) Of course We were supposed to go, & to the fair, & to the Indian Mounds & to see Howl at Society Garden. But NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Instead I’m sitting at home wishing I was doing something. Story of my freakin’ life. ~sigh~

Last Sunday we Did march in the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a few of the other local 501st/Ocmulgee squad folks. They put us dead freakin’ last, so, as usual, we stood around, melting for almost 3 hours before we even started. Then, as usual ( Why do they do this shit?!?!?!?) , we had to walk 5 blocks to get to the beginning of the parade route. ~sigh~ The parade itself lasts maybe 45 min. ( 4 blocks up, 1 block over, 4 blocks back) But the marching part of the parade was great! ~smile~ I got to see a few folks, so that was cool. Vader is always a big hit. & Suzanne’s daughter Lauren got some pretty good pix.
tola ajibade
Above Jedi photo by Tola Abijade

So he was all excited about marchin’ in the parade. So now he’s all fired up about Star Wars again. Yeee haaaaw. ~eye roll~ I just get tired of listening to him bitch about the fandom. Yet, he wants to troop. If you troop, you have to talk to the fans! DUH!!! Arrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh (He’s like me & does NOT like what Disney’s doin’. Throwin’ out all the previous stuff, but workin’ it back in anyway, under different names. Grrrrrrr)  Anyway, by the time we were done with the parade, we were tired. Plus, I still had to finish cleaning The Wise Blood House. So I went back to work. No after parade dinner with the squad for us.
That’s when he said we’d do the arts & crafts thing, & the fair, & the lantern tour. Did we, nope. So I go back to work tomorrow for a long day at The Wise Blood House, & so begins my week. Joyous.

Oh, & to top it off ( which I’m sure is half the reason he doesn’t want to do anything….), the idiot “farm hand” his Dad has workin’ for him, managed to get “our” horse killed Friday afternoon. He turned Fudge, along with 8-10 other, unfamiliar, horses into a small 5 acre pasture & they started pickin’ on Fudge, ran him into a corner, & he reared up, & came down on a metal fence post. Now Fudge had been completely stall raised from the time he was born ( in 1999) ’til 2016, when Chad cautiously turned him out. ( We kept our eye on him for the first few weeks, as he wasn’t savvy with the ways of the pasture. lol ) He was a Champion Paint show horse & stud allllllllllll of his life, until he came to the farm. ( He was gelded in 2015, which surprisingly, didn’t kill him.) Chad kept him stalled for almost 2 years, being pretty much the only person who took care of him. Then, because when we went somewhere, no one would take care of him, Chad turned him out, where he could at least graze! We rode Fudge, fed him, looked after him. & this idiot got him killed. To say Chad was/is livid is a bit of an understatement. No one likes the idiot anyway. Chad’s Mom won’t even let him in her yard!!! & Glen feels sorry for him ’cause he’s too stupid to get a job anywhere else. & yet somehow, I bet, Glen still has him workin’ for him. He’s broken I don’t know how much stuff, left gates open for horses & cows to get out & now this. Motherfucker would NEVER set foot on my property again, if it were me!!! So I kinda’ understand why he’s not in much of a mood to go out. But, maaaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee if he went out, he wouldn’t sit around & brood all day/night, either. Oh well, whatever, just another “lost” day off. Why should he care if all *I* ever do is work. What the fuck. It just annoys the piss outta’ me!!! The lantern tour & Howl at Society Garden were both FREE events. No money required! I realize he’s still without a job, but I think I can afford $10 to take us out 1 night of the week. But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. So here I sit. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna’ sit down there with him. If he wants to sit at home & be miserable, then he can do it by himself, as can I. He doesn’t need me to keep him company.

So there’s another exciting weekend for me. Next weekend, it’s work, work, work…



Shoulda’ been….



Right now, I should be sittin’ in Earhardt S.C. at Broxton Bridge, but instead I’m at home, wishin’ I was there. ~sigh~ I’m still Very annoyed that Greyhound doesn’t run to half the places they used to. Bastards! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr If they did, I would be going to Andersonville next weekend! At least I can walk to the Memorial service at Rose Hill in April! & Uber to Old Clinton if I can’t get a ride.~wink~ & I know I can catch a ride in Oct. to Andersonville with Ronda. ~smile~ & I’ll ride the bus North for Hurricane Shoals. So at least there’s 2 or 3 things I CAN get to. ~smile~
Fuck You, Greyhound! I’ll use ya when ya work for me!  HA!

Our weather has been it’s usual goofy self this week. Hot, windy, rainy, cold. I was sweating Monday, & today I have on fleece tights. Welcome to Georgia! LOL

I’ve been on critter duty this week, along with my regular cleaning jobs. 4 dogs & 3 cats at 3 different homes. Fortunately, they’re all on the same street! How funny is that!?!?! LOL Works great for me, tho, as I don’t have as far to walk!  The stairs are a stone bitch, but…
Annnnnnnnnnd, I’m off from cleaning today. Just Dogs & Cats to feed & walk.~smile~ Days like this are somewhat of a rarity for me these days. But oh so welcome. It’s nice to be able to sleep a little later & not have to rush around to get everything done. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh It is sooooooooooooooooooooo nice to be able to sit here & know I don’t have to be anywhere ’til 6 o’clock!!! ~smile~ How wonderful!!!

I still wish I was sittin’ in front of a tent, in front of a campfire, tho. ~sigh~


Blah blah blah


With all the rain & warm temperatures we’ve been having a lot of plants are starting to bloom. As pretty as it is, it’s just too early for this nonsense! LOL I still want Winter, not Spring! Not Yet!!! I was sweating earlier this week! I’m not supposed to sweat in February!!! Arrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!

I did manage to watch The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix the other day. Pretty damn good! The costumes & sets are AWESOME!!!! 2 thumbs up!!! I love the griminess & dinginess of it!!! FABULOUS!!!! Went thru both seasons in 2 days! LOL Good stuff! I might even watch it again!!! lol
I also watched the live action movie Full Metal Alchemist. I enjoyed it, a Lot! There’s, of course, a bunch of people out there that just pick it apart. ~sad face~  “those people” aren’t ever happy with Anything. ~rolls eyes~ They always have to pick everything apart & compare it to something, or how they would’ve done it. That’s nice, but You didn’t DO it!!! Just be happy it got done! HA! Enjoy it for what it is & quit bein’ a whiner!!! I’m sick to death of whiny people!!! ( which is why I get so annoyed with myself! LOL I’m whiny! LOL )

& I did NOT lose my photos & stuff when I reloaded Windows yesterday. ~smile~
But, I don’t think it “fixed” anything, either.~pout~ I still have that goofy little thing in the bottom right hand of my screen that says “Activate windows. Go to settings to activate Windows” but when I try, it gives me yet another error code. ~sad face~ I really wish there was someone around who could work on it & not charge me an arm & a leg. ~sad face~
A lot of it could be my lousy ass internet connection, too. It’s so bad up here that my T.V. won’t even connect. ~sad face~ I’d get 1 of those booster/repeater things if I thought I could hook it up & get it to work, but I’m leery, as I have no computer saavy to speak of. & so far, no one has offered to help, soooooooo, I’ll just deal with it.

It seems no one has time for anyone else anymore. I know I’m always workin’. Or almost always. & when I do have time off, like today, I don’t wanna’ do anything.
I mean I want to go to an event, but that’s different. That’s planned, usually months in advance.
& Godz know, I don’t need anyone comin’ to visit me in my pig sty!!! lol
So I just sit in my apt., by myself, on my computer. Such excitement! lol



I went to re-start my computer this afternoon & oddly, it asked if I wanted to reset/reload Windows, so I said yes. It was supposed to save my photos & stuff, but it didn’t. ~sad face~ No biggee, tho, since 90% of ’em are on Facebook anyway. lol Re-signing in to all my web sites is a pain in the ass, tho. Fortunately, Chrome saved most of ’em. ~smile~ I of course, had to re-load my virus protections as well. ~sigh~ but maybe this ol’ beast will run a little better now.

I’ve got “cat duty” this week. Some of my clients are out of town, so I’m feeding their cats. Mid week, I’ll probably be on “dog duty”, too. A couple of my other clients are goin’ out of town, so I’ll walk their 3 dogs in the evening. & next week, I’m on Dog duty, too, as another of my clients are goin’ out of town. LOL I love the Critters. ~smile~ & of course, this is along with my regular cleaning jobs. lol

Doesn’t look like I’ll be goin’ to Broxton Bridge or Andersonville. ~sad face~
I was gonna’ ride the Greyhound bus, but the closest it goes to either place is 30+ MILES away!!! ~pout~ I can’t ask someone to drive 30+ miles to come & get me…  Blarg. Chad’s still bein’ cranky, so I doubt we’ll even drive up/down for the day. ~sad face~
I don’t know why I bother to get my hopes up, or collect anymore reenacting/living history stuff. What’s the point? So I can sit in my Apt. & look at it? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, that’s exciting. ~pout~
I guess I might as well just consign myself to workin’ & sittin’ around here. HE sure doesn’t ever want to DO Anything. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
I wish I could just find a “travel buddy”, but there’s no one around here. ~sad face~

Anyway, what else….
I’ve had some decent guests at the Wise Blood House. ~smile~ No one’s left me too much of a mess. We’ve got a couple returning for their 2nd stay here ’til Monday. I keep tellin’ people that once June rolls around, she’s off the the market. lol All these folk who want to revisit better get their reservations in! LOL

Summer in Feb. rather sucks. It’s been over 80 degrees the past 2 days. Blarg. It’s FEBRUARY Damnit!!! But it’s supposed to rain the next couple of days, ~smile~ & cool things off a little. Back into the 70’s, anyway. LOL Still not very Winter like! LOL But, that’s Winter in the South. lol