The Battle of Broxton Bridge (S.C.)

Thursday morning, we set out for Ehrhardt SC & the Battle of/for Broxton Bridge. It’s not a bad drive, about 3 hours with a stop or 2. 180-ish miles. We got on the road about 10a.m., after playing “truck bed tetris”. lol (It’s always a challenge to get everything packed just right. lol)
One of the highlights of goin’ to B.B. is that we can stop in Swainsboro at the Maryland Fried Chicken!!! Some of the Best damned fried Chicken in the State!!! YUMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
So, a 9 piece ( we thought! She gave us 13 pieces!!! LOL Bless her!) dinner box & away we go! (Swainsboro is just about halfway.)
We got to Brxoton Bridge Plantation (It’s actually a Working plantation. They have campgrounds, horse trails, deer/hog/gator hunts, etc.) about 2:30pm, got registered & made our way to our favorite campsite, down by the swamp. Even on Thur., there were a Lot of people already there, & more arriving by the minute!
We got our spot, & our “neighbors” from last year were already set up. (Met ’em this year. 2 older fellas named Coon & Hobo. Nice guys. Confederate only! No “*Galvanizing” for them!!!)
We were set up & ready to go by 3pm. Truck out, & time to start relaxin’ a bit. Chad got the fire pit dug & we got wood. Harder than Hell & unseasoned, as usual. -groan- I’m sooooooo glad we brought some store bought wood, again! We commenced to chowin’ down about 4:30, ’cause we were damn hungry & couldn’t stand the wonderful smells comin’ from that box ‘o chicken any more! lol Damn it was good!
We decided NOT to get dressed in our period correct (pc) clothes, so we just enjoyed the fire & watchin’ everyone else set up. & they just kept comin’ in! By darkthirty Thur. there were a ton of folks already there!!! & they continued to come in ’til about 11pm!!!
It wasn’t too awful bad cold Fri night, & with all our wool blankets, we’re pretty comfy in the bed. & with a dozen or so candles & lanterns burnin’, we’re pretty nice Inside the tent, too. (Unless it’s just ungodly cold like Aiken was!!!)
We stayed up ’til about 11pm & called it a night. lol I know, right! At home we’re up to at Least 12midnight, but at events, we’re generally in the bed by 11, if not earlier! LOL I got up Fri. about 9am, Chad got up about 8am. He already had the fire goin’ by the time I stumbled out of the tent. Yaaaaaay! We sat around the fire a bit gettin’ woke up & warmed up. Not that it was very cold, as it was not! Yippeeeeeeeeee! A Very Nice change from 10 days before! By 11am, we were both dressed & ready for the day. & the people were still pourin’ in. We ended up with an artillery crew to left of us & the 24th(?) South Carolina infantry across from us. The 53rd GA Volunteers were in their usual spot on the front road. (They’re a big part of the School Day presentation.) The 30th almost always portrays Federals for this event, & they’re waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay across the battlefield, with the rest of the Federals. So we don’t get to see much of them. (It’s a looooooooooooong walk over there! LOL)
We hit Sutler row & checked out all the vendors & their wares. Chad, of course, had some stuff to do some trading with, as he’d been eyeing a gray wool civilian frock coat for a whiillllle now. lol (I lucked out last month on EBay & found 2 nice wool coats. 1 is a longer frock coat in a funky dark brown color with a military collar, & the other is a tan, lighter wool confederate jacket with mismatched buttons. Chad claimed the frock coat right off. lol I wear the jacket around when he doesn’t need it.) He also had a Confederate infantry jacket, which he traded for the gray civilian frock coat. He said he probably wouldn’t be a soldier anymore, & he’d rather have the frock coat. (We’ll see how long That lasts!!! LOL) & IF he does need to play soldier, he can always wear the tan wool jacket. Which is what he did when we found out Lane & Jerry, were, of course, short of cannon crew for the weekend. lol
Jerry & Lane got there about 430 Fri with the Franklin-Palmer cannon. They had to set up a little bit aways from us, ’cause the spot they had before was already taken! It was PACKED this weekend!!! Somebody said it was because they moved some of the Confederate camping off of the point, but it was really because there were SO MANY PEOPLE!!!! LOL People from Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina…. More people than they’d had since we’ve been goin’, that’s for sure!!! Everyone was just ready for a good event! Tired of bein’ cooped up & cancelled.
Fri. night, Broxton Bridge feeds us. Supper’s on at 6pm. So we filed down there, gave ’em our 2 supper tickets & went in. This year, they had just plated it all up in to go boxes & handed ’em to ya. Rice, ham, sausage, chicken with green beans & a roll. Damn good stuff. We took ours back to camp & ate over the fire. It again, wasn’t awfully cold. Fri. afternoon was Very nice. Probably 70 or better. & it was only supposed to get down to about 41 Fri. night anyway…. We were in the tent by 9pm & in bed by about 10:30. Sat. I had the Ladies Tea, then our tintype photo, then Chad was gonna’ be the “Powder Monkey” for the Franklin-Palmer cannon, so we had a busyish day ahead.
Sat. morning, I was up before 9am. Blarg. lol It takes me an hour to wake up & get ready to get ready. LOL I was wearin’ my fancy dress I got from Debra DiFranco. A lovely sheer wool, cream with periwinkle blue stripes. It’s somethin’, I’ll tell ya. But, I had to wear the “formal corset” with it, which has a busk instead of hook & eye to close. & I HATE busks! Such a pain in the ass! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! It takes me an easy 15-20 min. to get into that thing. (My custom made for me work corset is a 5 min. job. lol I Sooooooooo Love that thing!)
Lots of cussing & swearing oaths later I’m dressed. lol Those poor fellas next door got an ear full, I’m sure. LOL Chad cooked his sausage & got dressed for the day. So about 1015am I head out to the Ladies Tea. By this time, it’s totally cloudy & damn cold! My friend Darnelle had brought me a bag full of reenactment clothes from a friend of hers back in Jan., & 1 of the things in the bag was a cape! It’s not 100% wool, Hell, I wouldn’t swear it’s got any wool in it at all, but it looks nice & it’s sure warm! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! It was sure nice to have Sat. morning, I’ll tell ya! By the time I got to the “snack Shack” where they have the tea, it was tryin’ to spit a little rain. Ugh. Really? a 2% chance & it’s gonna’ go for it! lol
Well, I get there & Stephanie is still setting up. Debra was there helpin’, too. & guess what? It doesn’t start ’til 11am! LOL Well, at least I’m early. LOL ( I thought I’d be late. lol) So we got to catch up & visit for a bit before everyone started showin’ up. & show up they did! It was PACKED!!!! This was our 3rd year, while it’s had quite a few ladies before, but not like this! WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! Every chair was taken! Stephanie served citrus punch & cookies to us, & we played 2 parlor games. It was nice. All the ladies looked lovely. It was so nice to see everyone again. It was over about 11. & when we left it was COLD. What happened to our nice weather? Blarg. I had forgotten my earrings, so I went back to the tent to put them in. Chad was finishin’ gettin’ dressed for the photo, so we went & wandered around Sutler Row around a bit, then headed to our photo session. Christine was ready for us. We had our photo struck & watched it appear on the tin plate. It’s soooooooo cool to watch it materialize. Chad looks great. I look like a goof. LOL Oh well. It’s nice photo. lol
We both headed back to the tent to change. I could Not wait to get out of that confection & that wretched formal corset. LOL Oh, & by the time we got up from our photo, the weather was starting to get nice. It warmed up 10 degrees in about 30 min. It was wonderful! Walking back to camp, I didn’t even really need the cape. lol
It was so very nice to get back into my work corset & work dress. Chad changed coats & headed off to the battlefield. I wandered around & went to the battlefield. I saw several friends, & spent time catchin’ up with them. I took a few pictures but not a ton. I couldn’t find the Franklin-Palmer cannon Sat., but I did get a couple of good pix after the battle.
& I Finally got to meet my friend Mat Sterman, who I’ve known online for several years. That was mighty nice. He makes incredible period labels & forms & such. He was the Federal commanders Adjutant for the weekend, so waaaaaaaaay over in the yankee camp. Blarg. lol
After the battle on Sat., I went back to camp to get supper ready. Beef stew. Yum. I got it goin’ about 4pm & we were eatin’ by 6. The weather had warmed up considerably, so it was fairly decent out. It did get a little chilly about 9, so we went in the tent to get it warmed up. Again, in the bed before 1030 pm. LOL We’d had a busy day. The camps around us were still goin’ pretty strong but by 1130 or so, it was pretty quiet. The first night, Thur., we heard 2 or 3 Barred Owls hootin’, Fri. night only 1 a couple of times, & Sat night it was after midnight before 1 called out.
I slept til about 10 Sun. morning, as I had nothing planned. lol Chad had to be on the battlefield by 130pm, but that was it. Chad cooked his 2 sausages for breakfast, & I drank my coffee. So we just hung around camp & then Chad went to Sutler Row for a minute. He came back with a hamburger about noonthirty, & ate. I walked over to the Federal camp as I had some papers I wanted to share with Mat. I visited with a few folks I knew in the camp & made my way over to Mat’s tent. We visited for a bit, Mat got the papers he wanted & I went back to the safety of the Confederate camp. LOL Chad got ready to head to the cannon about 130. I hung out at camp for a little while, then headed to the battle field. The spectator sections are in 2 pieces. 1 a bit back & 1 in the middle of the battlefield. I’d found out where the Franklin-Palmer cannon was & went to where I could get some photos of them. The yankees came marchin’ over the bridge & the battle began. I talked with friend while the battle was goin’ on & took some photos, & a video or 2 this time. I wish you could feel the ground shake when the cannons go off, & smell the smoke of the burnt gunpowder. It’s really amazing.
& then, it’s over. They fire a salute to Veterans, to the Fallen & those who serve. They thank the spectators & it’s over for another year.
I visited with a few people & then headed back to camp.
We started packin’ up the tent & got everything out by 330. By 4, we had the truck loaded & ready to go. I said our goodbyes & we hit the road. I felt like CRAP. Probably didn’t drink enough water. Probably didn’t eat enough, either. Shame on me. lol I had Chad stop at a Hardees about 20 miles from Broxton Bridge & got a hamburger & fries. He got a hot Ham ‘n Cheese. Yummmmmm. I ate about 3/4s of it & I was done. A headache had strted earlier & was bangin’ off & on. Damnit. lol By the time we got to Swainsboro my headache slacked off a bit. We got home about 830 & got the truck unloaded. Chad headed home with his stuff & I sprawled on the couch for a bit, then went & took a lovely hot bath.
There was a bit of shenanigans Sat. night, as someone snuck into the Yankee camp & “Stole” their flag. Now, it was rolled up in someone’s tent, so it wasn’t out front. They had to know where it was. It was left leaned upon a tent in the 2nd GA Sharpsooter’s camp. The 30th raised Holy Hell Sun. morning at parade. Everyone got their asses chewed out by 3 different commanders. Grudges were held, to be remedied on the battlefield. The Federals sure took it out on the field! There was some fierce fighting on Sun.
It’s always a little sad packin’ it all up. This time for about a month.
Next event; Fort Wallace-Wood/Little Manassas in Reidsville, GA. (About 3 hours south of here.) Cannot wait!!!! Another stellar event!!!
*Galvanizing means they play Confederates or Federals.

The Battle of Aiken (S.C.)

We weren’t in any huge rush to leave, as it only takes about 2 hours or so to get there, & they had a “School day” on Fri., & supposedly, you couldn’t drive in to your camp ’til after 330pm because of the school day. So we didn’t figure there was any reason to get there much before 3pm… We ended up leavin’ a little after 11, but we knew we had a stop or 2 to make on the way. First stop was to get gas, then Old Clinton BarBque for Fri. night’s supper. Next stop, the Battle of Aiken!
It’s a nice drive, with only 30 min or so on the interstate.

We pulled in about 245pm, did the registration thing, then went to find a campsite.
The property is owned by the SCV (Sons of Confederate Veterans) & it’s Huge!!! There’s separate areas for Confederates & Federals, cannoneers, cavalry & civilians. It’s a hella place! Lots of trees, & sand everywhere! lol
We found a spot we liked, close to water & a “blue loo”, level ground, not too far from everything, in a little copse of trees. We got unpacked & the tent set up in less than 30 min. Chad went & moved the truck, walked back thru Sutler row & on back to camp.
The weather was decent. It had damn near rained all week, here & there, so things were still a little damp. It wasn’t awful cold Fri. We got dressed & went to wander around a bit. Went down to Sutler row & saw all our friends.
There were a Lot of folks out & about! You could sure tell it had been awhile since we all had an event! We were alllll soooooooooo Very happy to see each other!!!
The Aiken “area” is so very nifty. There’s a few dedicated “cabins”, more like little shacks, where people can stay. They sleep 2-4 people & have wood/coal stoves, so the folks don’t freeze. lol Believe me, Sat. morning I sure wish *I* had one! LOL
We got the fire goin’ (we bought some DRY wood at Kroger, just in case. Good thing we had it, too!), & it was a lil’ slow goin’ as all the wood on the property was WET. Once Chad got it goin’ good it was mighty nice to sit next to those warm flames. Once the Sun went down it got a bit colder, but not horrible. Ronda came by & visited with us a bit before goin’ back to her nice warm van. lol
We were in the tent by 930pm. We went on to bed about 11pm.
3 100% wool blankets, a flannel sheet, a sleeping bag unzipped & 1 of Chad’s Granny’s quilts is what we slept under. lol Needless to say, once we were in bed, we were plenty warm. We slept pretty damn good, too! lol I had set my phone alarm for 7am, as I knew it would take me a few minutes to wake up & get movin’. lol Lemme’ tell ya, I sure did NOT wanna’ get outta’ that warm ass bed! LOL The inside of the tent was Mighty COLD!!!! It was freakin’ FREEZING!!!!! Cheese Louise, I couldn’t get that fire started fast enough! LOL I keep a big tin pan full of water close to the fire for washin’ up & fire containment, & it had a layer of ice on it when I got up! (& it didn’t “thaw” til after 11a.m.) It was FREAKIN’ COOOOOOOLLLLLLDDD!!!!!!!!! Brrrbrrrrrrrrrbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ( & ya know, I’ve got on 3 pair of longjohns, 2 long sleeved shirts, 1 pair of cotton socks & 1 pair of wool socks on. So when I say it’s cold, it’s COLD!!!!) When I went to get dressed, I had to put my corset under my cape & go sit out by the fire so it could warm up before I even put it on!!! It was damn near frozen! lol
Sat. afternoon at 1, we had a photo appointment with Christine, The Charleston Tintypist. She does such wonderful tintypes. We had 1 made last year at Broxton Bridge in nice clothes, so I wanted one in “work” clothes. (I’m such a nut, I already have the seating & pose figured out before I even get there. LOL) I was in my work dress, apron & corded bonnet with my history book on the table beside me & my Griswold & Gunnison revolver on top of it with my hand resting on the revolver. Chad’s standing behind me holding the “Joe Brown” pike in his Confederate uniform jacket, black pants & his hat. It’s a Great photo & I cannot wait to get it!!! We should have the scan sometime this week & the actual photo next week. Christine stayed mighty busy all weekend. & She took some stellar photos!!!
I think all the sutlers did pretty good. I know Chuck sold 2 greatcoats & a cape! So that’s pretty good! He had a line damn near every time I walked by.
I never did make it up to the Time line area where they have reenactors & displays from WWI to Vietnam. Hell, I didn’t even bother to wander over to watch a battle! LOL They didn’t have the bank of cohorns so I was disappointed. lol About 12 canons, tho. Lots of Cavalry, too.
My buddy Tony was camped with dismounted cavalry, along with our friends Jeff & Lisa Reno, David Young & a couple of other of our friends. They were right down the road from us, in a nice spot off the main path, with a back way in to the battlefield. It was pretty nice. I went to go visit Tony & took the pike & when Jeff saw me, he took off runnin’! LOL I told him he was safe as he was wearin’ gray! LOL It was so good to see everyone!
Tony ended up comin’ by camp later with Steve & visitin’ a bit. I was cookin’ supper, smoked beef sausage & boiled gold potatoes. Tony always goes on about how “Authentic” we are. LOL He’s such a nut. I mean, we DO try. But we both draw the line at bein’ uncomfortable. lol You be as hardcore as you want, sleepin’ on the cold ground with only a coverlet or shabby blanket over ya, eatin’ cold, semi wretched food, just like they did 155 years ago. Good for you! Get the experience! I’ve had the experience! I was a REAL cowboy for a couple of years. Ridin’ with a 1000+ head of cattle for 7-9 days, no tent, no bed. Yep, been there, done that. & I got PAID for it! lol No one payin’ me to sleep on the cold, hard ground at a reenactment. lol Nope, you youngin’s have at it. I’m fine bein’ “mainstream/progressive”! lol
About 11a.m. Sat mornin’, we had a lil’ bit of excitement. I was in the tent gettin’ ready/dressed & I heard someone say “Fire”, then Chad said “De”! I came out & Chad was over at the camp semi beside us with my big pan of water putting out a tent!!!! I grabbed another pan & got more water, but by themn it was pretty much out. They had build their fire right on the ground, no pit, nothin’ around it & a ember jumped into the pine needles & made a beeline for the corner of their tent! Chad was there puttin’ it out when a fella burst out of the tent!!! He’d been inside asleep!!!! What a very rude awakening!!! lol About scared Chad half to death! LOL He sure was NOT expecting anyomne to be inside! lol All the guys had already left to go to battle, & there was no one around but us. I’m soooooo glad we were there!!!! they only lost the front corner by the flap, but DAMN! It coulda’ been BAD, QUICK. I don’t think they lost anything but a couple of rags. & they had a new tent in about 15 minutes. That’s an event I don’t care to EVER repeat!!!
We had a little bit of breeze Sat. that we didn’t have Fri. So needless to say, when the Sun went down Sat. night it got mighty cold, Quick! We sure didn’t wanna’ leave that fire & go into the tent. lol We have about a dozen candles/lanterns goin’ in the tent, so it does get a wee bit warmer, but it’s still in the 40’s IN the tent. Brrrbrrrrrrbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Once we’re under the covers we’re dandy, tho. lol

Got up to a FREEZING tent Sun. mornin’. lol Chad was up first & got the fire goin’, so when I got up there was a warm fire waiting. I had a slight headache, but nothin’ major. But I never did “Dress out”. I put on my 21st century clothes & called it a day. ( It’s a rarity that Chad’s in his 1860 clothes & I’m in modern clothes. Usually it’s the other way around. LOL But I was just tired of fightin’ the cold, & wasn’t feelin’ 100%.) We wandered around a bit, went up to sutler row, came back to tent & started packin’ it up. We were ready to go long before the battle was over. & once the battle was over, Chad went & got the truck & we loaded up. We were on the road by 4pm & home a little before 7pm.
It was lovely weekend!
& in less than 2 weeks, one of our favorite events, Broxton Bridge!!!

May be a black-and-white image of 1 person, child, standing, tree and outdoors

Battle for the Armory, Tallassee, Alabama

FINALLY!!! After almost 8 MONTHS, we got to go to a Weekend event!!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

We Did get to go to the Irwinville Living History , Sat., the week before. & it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo Wonderful to see a lot of folk we hadn’t seen in nearly 8 freakin’ Months!!!!

But we were bound & determined to make it to Tallassee this year. ( We’ve been wantin’ to go for several years, as everyone has always said what a great event it was. But for 1 reason or another, we could never make it.)
We thought we might get rained on, but the weather cleared & it was a fabulous weekend!

We left Macon about 10a.m., about an hour ahead of schedule, so we got to the site about 1p.m., AL/central time.
Chad had already told Chuck of Rum Creek Sutlers that we’d be getting & picking up a tent from him when we got there Thur. & because we were so early arriving, poor Chuck hadn’t even gotten close to the tents yet. lol
Most of the other sutlers were settin’ up so I wandered around a bit. 1 of my Favorite sutlers, Tophat’s Sutlery was right next door to Chuck. lol That’s dangerous! LOL He makes some of The Best period boxes in the hobby! I just love his wood stuffs! lol So I chatted with Todd & Becky a bit, & then went & peeked at a couple of the other sutlers, wandered around the area & went back to wait with Chad. By then, Chuck had gotten to the tents. We settled on a single door, 7’x9′ foot with sod cloth. (He didn’t have any without a sod cloth…). Yippeeeeeeee!!!! Chad had already prepared the poles for the tent except for cutting them to fit, which was done in about 10 min. We’d picked our campsite, along the tree line, a ways from Sutler Row & other camps, under a gnarly lookin’ pine tree I nicknamed “Yggdrasil”. lol We cleared our spot of a million little pinecones & crap, laid out the tent & got it set up. It’s SO FREAKIN’ BIG!!!! lol After spending 4 years in a 5’5’x8′ tent, this thing is a mansion!!! LOL We can STAND UP FULLY!!!! lol No more hunchin’ over! LOL Within 45 min. we were unloaded, set up & ready to roll! Woooooooooooooooooooooooo Whoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
Losin’ an hour sure did make it get dark a Helluva’ lot sooner than it does in GA.! LOL By 5:30 p.m., it was DARK! LOL Supper by candle light, to be sure. All 3 nights! LOL Actually, we had supper Before it got dark Sat. night. lol
We piddled around, got firewood, a fire goin’, gettin’ the inside of the tent situated. & Man, lemme’ tell ya, it’s a whole lot different when you have ROOM! LOL We had a full 3 feet+ from the “bed” to the door! No more steppin’ on the bed 6″ in!!! It’s soooooooooooo bloody wonderful! You just have No idea! LOL All weekend, we both went on about how much more room we had, & WHATTA’ BIG TENT!!! LOL &, it still folds up into about the same “square” as a 6’x6″ does. lol
I’d guess by 4 pm or so, we were dressed. lol Can’t hardly stand bein’ in “modern clothes” once we get situated. I was “slovenly” Thur., tho. No corset. LOL But, in the work dress with the apron on, you can’t hardly tell anyway… So we went wanderin’ around a bit, saw some of the other camps, peeked in on some of the other sutlers, & walked back to camp.
We’d stopped at Subway earlier & picked up a couple of footlongs for Thur.’s supper, & made a stop at the Dollar store for sodas & stuff, so we were set. We ate half our sandwiches, & just relaxed around the fire. It was a tad windy Thur. night, & a little colder feelin’ than we thought it’d be, but no big deal. Wool is a wonderful thing. lol
It was just soooooooooo veery, Very nice to sit around a campfire again, lookin’ at the stars & enjoyin’ the evenin’. We finished our sandwiches about 8, & by 10-10:30, we were ready to turn in! LMAO!!! Who’da thought us “night owls” would be in bed before 11 p.m.!!! LOL We both slept o.k. A tad chilly occasionally, but otherwise, not too bad. It Does kinda’ take a minute to get used to sleepin’ on “the ground” in a tent again. lol Now, let me be clear; yes, we’re on the ground, BUT, we have a futon mattress, a tarp & a plastic tarp under that. A sleeping bag, a sheet under us, then a flannel sheet & a wool blanket each, over us. It’s quite comfortable, I can assure you. lol It might LOOK “rough”, lol, but it’s really not. lol
We were both awake by about 7 or so, but I didn’t actually get up til about 8. lol I always dread that damn walk to the porta-john in the morning. & while it’s not terribly far away, it’s far enough. lol (I swear, I’m gonna’ get a damn chamber pot!!!)
They had a damn fine crowd of kids for “School day” Fri., I was pretty impressed. Several bus loads. Over 150 kids passed thru the living history camps, I’d guess.
I’m generally in no real hurry to get ready, as I like enjoyin’ my coffee in front of the fire. So I didn’t even bother to start gettin’ dressed til 1030 or so.
I just laughed & laughed whilst putting on my corset, STANDING UP, on 2 feet, instead of my knees! Standing up, puttin’ on my petticoats!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
It was/is absolutely wonderful! LOL
By this time, plenty of folks are arriving. & it will continue into the night. We got some neighbors, on both sides. Confederate Cavalry to the right, our Friends Jeff & Lisa Reno’s Cav., & a family of Yanks from Fl., to the left. (“PeePaw & Hally were some of the highlights of our weekend! She was absolutely precious!!! & he was as nice as can be!) Neither were too close, which was cool. We’re not fond of being in a wad of camps. lol The 30th folks were mostly set up before dark thirty on Fri., & our buddies with the Franklin-Palmer cannon, Jerry & Lane, were up on the hill with a lot of the federal camps.
(I never did make it up that blasted hill! It was a Helluva’ Hill, I’ll tell ya! LOL & I’m lazy! LOL )
Fri. was chicken cookin’ day. My buddy, Jonathan Langford, made me a big ol’ roasting spit 3 years ago & this was the first chance I’d had to use it. I got a big ol’ chicken & stuck it on, put it over the fire, & commenced to roastin’. That was probably about 1:30 or so.
Allllllllllllll day, turnin’ that chicken, & both of us keepin’ that fire up for it. by 5:30 were we eatin’ some mighty fine roasted chicken!!! A couple of slices of good fresh bread with butter, & we had ourselves a damn fine meal!
Fri. night was much milder than Thur. night had been, & hardly any wind. We managed to stay up ’til almost 11pm before retiring to the tent. lol
Sat. morn, I was up & outta’ bed before Chad. lol I’d made my walk to the blue loo & had a fire goin’ pretty good by the time he got up. He finally got up, & we sat around for a bit, as usual. Believe me, we’re in no rush to do much of anything. lol This is our relaxin’. lol ( to a point. lol) By noon thirty, we were out & about. Chuck was a lil’ busy & I told him I’d send Chad down to help. Which I did. Chad stayed down there most of the afternoon. He sold quite a bit of stuff, too. (He’s helped before. From setting up & workin’ all weekend, to just poppin’ in & helpin’ when he gets busy/needs help.)
By the time he got back, about 4:30 or so, Supper was done. Leftover roasted chicken, cut up into some yellow rice, & cooked, in a copper pot, over the open fire. Again, chicken ‘n rice, with fresh bread & butter, & we had another fine meal.
Now a lot of the day Sat., friends stopped by & visited, & I got to pop about & visit a few folks, too. It’s always nice to see your friends.
We had a pretty good spot for the battle, both days. Sat., they started to the far left, down in front of the sutlers & made their way towards me, & Sun., they started in front of us & made their way down the other way. It was great!
After Sun.’s battle, 1 of the local UDC ladies had, as her final wish, to have her ashes blown out of a cannon on the field, & that’s just what they did! It was rather fabulous!
I did NOT make it to the Ladies Tea Sat., at 10 bloody A.M.!!! lol Nope! Too damn early for me! lol But we Did manage to wander down to the ball on Sat. night. They have a great half barn like building that they use for the tea & the dance. It’s pretty cool. & while neither of us dance, it’s always nice to see folks havin’ fun in all their finery. I did not dress for the ball this year. I Did bring the nice wool dress, but I just didn’t feel like gettin’ re-dressed, for 30 min. of ball time. lol I guess maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, if I had dressed, we might have danced a slow dance. lol Maybe next year.
Anyway, they had quite the spread of tasty goodies laid out, with punch an’ all, but we just looked & admired. After cruising the snacks, we walked back to camp, & sat by our fire for awhile.
It’s so cool to look out over the landscape & see allllllllll the camps & campfires burnin’. The Federal camps up on the hill, the Confederates down below on the field. It was pretty damn cool.
We almost always wait ’til the battle’s over on Sun. to pack up. We get everything inside the tent ready, the camp stuff ready, then we just hang out ’til it’s time to drop the tent. We were packed & ready to go within a half hour of droppin’ the tent. Took us a minute to get out, a little congestion, at the 1 & only place to get in & out, but within 10 min., we were on the paved road, headed home. Got home about 7:30 Sun. evening.
We had an absolutly Wonderful time, & can’t wait til next year!!!!

Sooooooooo Excited!

I’m so happy, & excited! Chad got a 2001 Ford Ranger, so we’re mobile again! Which means we get to go to events again!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
I’m sooooooooooo Happy, Happy, HAPPY!!!!
I’ve been steadily collecting camp stuff. lol It’s gettin’ there. Slowly but surely. I got some lovely canned goods at Sandersville, & I sooooo want MORE!!! LOL ( I’m trying to portray a woman run off from her home. She’s had a little notice, so she was a little prepared.) Got a crate, too. I’ve been wantin’ 1 for a whilllllle now! (Honestly, I need to get another 1, but we’ll see. Mr. Man isn’t keen on a lot of stuff. Party pooper! lol) If I had *my* way, I’d have a “goat cart”! lol ( Joanie’s is soooooo awesome!!!) Now I just gotta’ figure out what to take, clothes wise, to Broxton Bridge. lol A LOT depends on the weather. LOL If it’s cold, the wool dress will Definitely go! lol
& I finally bit the bullet & booked a photo session with The Charleston Tin Typist.
I told the Mr., & he said “What are we wearing?”, I said civilian clothes, & he was like, “But I just got that battle shirt.” LOL Soooooooo, we might be in battle/work wear. lol  I’d loooooove to be able to get 1 of each of us, but I don’t have that kinda’ money! lol ( I wish I DID have disposable money! LOL I’d get 1 of me in Widow’s weeds, too! LOL Maybe 1 day… -sigh-) I’m just excited to get 1 done!!! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ( Ronda had 1 done of me, Her Daughter Alex & herself at Fort Hollingsworth a few years ago & it’s 1 of my very favorites! )
I still need to sew the collar & cuffs on the purple & green striped dress, starch dresses & petticoats, repair a corset & pack everything up. Ugh! I’m so lazy! LOL
But I’m so Happy & Excited to be mobile & able to do things again! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! -Happy Dance-
Chad’s tryin’ to do some wheelin’ & dealin’ for a new, bigger tent for us. That’d be kinda’ awesome. A 7’x9′, instead of the 6’x8′ we’ve got. ( It’s a tough little tent, tho! Weathered a damn hurricane 2 years ago!!!)
I got my new boots/shoes! Yippeeeeeeee!!! I wanted a p[air of Fugawee’s, as they were on sale, buuuuuuuuut, they didn’t have not 1 pair in my size! Peckerheads! LOL Soooo, I got a pair from John/The Maryland Sutler, for less than half the price!!!! HA! These are a little more period correct than my roping boots. lol  ( A more squared toe, no speed laces….) I’ve got to stretch these out a tad, & get used to the way they fit, but otherwise, I’m diggin’ ’em! Slowly but surely. lol
If I had Lots of money, I’d get a new “Fancy”  bonnet, too! & a cage crinoline!!! LOL As much as I’d looooooove a new dress, I’ve got plenty! Hell, I’ve got more than most women had in 1863! (In the South, any way!) I’ve still got a new ribbon to put on my Fancy Bonnet now! LOL Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! LOL  I AM gonna’ try to get a new corded bonnet before Broxton Bridge, tho. The 1 I have is very cool, but the “cape” isn’t long enough. -pout- (It’s an antique.) Cheese Louise, I need another job! LOL 1 more monthly would be awwwwwwwwwesome!!!
At least I don’t have to worry about supper Fri. night at B.B. Last year they fed us some outstanding bar-b-q! Sat. night will be chicken & rice with buttered bread. I might even make something peachy for dessert! LOL  Maybe something with apples, as they would be closer to bein’ in season. ( Lotsa’ rice in GA. back then. & believe me, there ARE chickens roamin’ Broxton Bridge Plantation! LOL There were 2 crowin’ Roosters last year that drove us nuts [crowin’ at 2A.M., back & forth!!!] & was vastly amusing!)
I wish we could get there Thur. instead of Fri. Blast it! I’ll see if I can talk the ol’ Man into it. lol Maaaaaaaaaaaybeeeee. I’d sure like to be set up by Fri. afternoon! & it’s a 3 hour drive. ( Please don’t fail us little truck!!! We’ve got 3 weeks to get it checked out. & we need new rear tires…) We get new tires, & I can put Miss Jessica back on the schedule!

Woooooooow An entire year….

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I’ve posted on here….Craziness.

Since my last post, last year, was gettin’ to go to Old Clinton War Days…. We/I did NOT go this year. (2019) Mr. Chad got a bug up his butt a month before, right before the Nash Farms event. He helped Chuck set up his Sutlery for Manassas/ Fort Wallace-Wood in March, so Chuck was kinda’ thinkin’ he’d help him out at Nash & Old Clinton. Nope, didn’t happen. I think Chad had had enough of “workin'” at an event. He’s done Cannon duty since Broxton Bridge, back in March. So all he did at Fort Wallace-Wood was work, help with the cannon & work. Not a very relaxing weekend for him. I, on the other hand, had a GOOD time. 🙂
So, when it came time for Nash Farms, he said NO. ( Says he doesn’t like it there anyway. :-p Whatever….) Old Clinton rolled around & again, nope. Wouldn’t answer anyone’s calls, nor reply to anyone’s texts. So No Old Clinton for us. :’-(

Then 2 weeks ago, he asks if I wanna’ go to the Blueberry Festival in Alma. 😮 The 53rd sets up & they do a little skirmish down there. OoooooooooooooooooooK. Sooooooo, we drove 2 hours down there, sat around for 3-4 hours. He did the skirmish, we visited with folks, & we came home. I was soooooooo surprised he even wanted to go down there. Hell, I packed alllllllllllllll my stuff up after we didn’t go to Nash Farms. I figured we were DONE. Guess not.
Now, he’s talkin’ about 2-3 more this year. 😮 Really? Ooooooooooooooook…. :-p
I think he’s more interested in Living Histories now than “Reenactments”. I’d much rather do a Living History. 🙂 Soooo, he’s talkin’ about doin’ the Andersonville LH next year, AT the Fort. He wants to do Irwinville this Sept., & I think he wants to do Sandersville ( Which is only held every 5 years) & maybe The Andersonville Historic Fair. I surely Do LOVE Andersonville, so I REALLY hope we get to go to that one, for sure. I doubt we’ll go to Hurricane Shoals, tho. He just doesn’t like the camping set-up/situation. Which is funny, ’cause I think it’s kinda’ awesome. LOL But he’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay weirder than I am! LMAO!!!! He’s also talkin’ about doin’ the LH at Jarrell Plantation in Aug…



It’s that time of year again. Old Clinton War Days in Clinton, Ga.

I was sooooooooooooooo afraid I wasn’t gonna’ get to go much, or if I did, I’d be by myself. I wasn’t 100% sure if the Mr. was in the mood for it. ( He’s like that. ~sigh~)
I’ve been lookin’ forward to Old Clinton alllllllll freakin’ year!!! Hell, since last year! LOL
It’s just a really good reenactment. Everyone’s laid back, & friendly. I guess it helps that I actually know 5 or 6 people, too. lol Annnnnnnnnd, since I missed Aiken, Broxton Bridge & the Ladies retreat ( Which Ronda cancelled, ’cause how much fun is it by yourself? ~frown~), I am SOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo ready for this!!!
No houses to clean, no cats, no dogs, just me & Mr. Man, in 1864. I’m Very much lookin’ forward to a roasted chicken, over the fire, & our now annual Satyrday night beef stew. ~smile~ ( Chad says he eats better at a reenactment than he does all week! LOL ) Plus, Old Clinton Bar-B-Q Brunswick Stew Thur night! ~smile~ Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

& of course, since I wanted to be done before 1pm tomorrow, my Airbnb guest requested a late check out! Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg!!!! I told him they could stay ’til 12noon, if they’d go ahead & strip the beds & bring the dirties downstairs. ~rolls eyes~ I’m just too freakin’ nice. But, Chad won’t be here to get me ’til 230 or so, since he can’t leave ’til the school kids vamoose. ( 3 days of school days this year!) & I’m pretty much ready to go. I still need to sew/mend a few things, but I can do that once I’m there. & I’ll bake muffins & sweet cake tomorrow before I go clean The Wise Blood House.

I’m so freakin’ happy!!! I finally get to do Something, other than Work, work, work!!! About damn time! LOL

Still angry & upset

The Wise Blood house has noooooooooooooo idea how close it came to losin’ it’s cleaner today. I’m still so angry I can’t sleep. It’s 1:45 in the A.M. & I’m still cryin’ about those assholes.

Reservation said *1* person. Cool. Easy clean. 1 of my other clients gets in touch with me last night & asks if I can do a clean on his place, as Historic Macon is coming Wed. Sure, I say. I should be done with TWBH before 2, so noooo problem.
I be bop over there about 11:15, so as to be sure said Dude is gone. 1st thing I do is go upstairs so I can pull the linens from the bed. As I come up the stairs, I see both air mattresses pulled out. Hunh? Then I look & all 3 upstairs beds have been slept in. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?! This was 1 person!!! I text the homeowner & say what’s goin’ on. Oh, he’s in a band & he must’ve let the band crash there last night, too. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?! A BAND is generally not 1 person. What’s up with the reservation then? I go & check the bathrooms so I can get the wet towels they’ve left in piles ( even ON 1 of the beds.) & notice what appears to be vomit in the toilet. Really? You can’t even be bothered to flush after you barf? Thanks. Carry massive laundry downstairs, get it started & go into the kitchen where I find 2 cups, 2 glasses & a dish dirty. Now, in the house manual in big black bold print it says “If you leave dirty dishes you owe *ME* $10. How much plainer can I make it?!?!?! I don’t care if it’s 1 cup or 20, wash your own fucking dishes!!! I am not a maid!!! So I call him on it & he calls me a rude psycho. Your reservation said 1 person. You even asked “I’ll have the house to myself, right?” MYSELF does not imply more people! He said he thought he put down 5 people. Uuuuuuuh noooooooooo, you put down 1. I’m sick to death of people not wanting to fess up as to how many people are in their party. If you can’t afford it, STAY ELSEWHERE!!!!
Needless to say, I had to cancel my other job of the day, which really infuriated me, because I would’ve never agreed to it had I known I’d be cleaning up after a band!!!!
Dude threw a wad of money at the homeowners, but I don’t care. That’s not the point. You lied & were extremely inconsiderate. I don’t want your fuckin’ money. That’s So NOT the point. ( as a matter of fact, I sent over half of it back. I kept my fee + $25. As much as I need the money, I just don’t feel right takin’ it. I don’t know why, but I just don’t.)

That was the icing on the cake.

Last night I realized there was no way I was gonna’ make it to the Ladies Retreat at Elijah Clark State park. had to cancel on that.Yet another event I’ve been looking forward to for months & I got no way there. Over $100 for Greyhound & a 4 HOUR layover on the way home. Nope, nope, NOPE. I might as well give up.
I’ll just sit here & watch movies & call it a day. What’s the point of tryin’ to do stuff by yourself. Hell, that’s easy for me. I’ve been doin’ it for over half my life. Woulda’ been nice to have someone to do things with, but I guess it’s not in the cards for me. So I reckon I’ll be walkin’ a lot more & tryin’ to take a cab now & then. I’ll become more of a hermit than I am already, if that’s possible.

I’ll spend this weekend packin’ up all my reenactment gear & costumes. No use having them out & about & reminding me of things I can’t do. That’s too depressing & my life is depressing enough as it is.

Thwarted, again…


It’s Cherry Blossom Festival time in lil’ ol’ Macon, Ga. Lots & Lots of people lookin’ at barely pink blooms of Yoshino Cherry trees. We have more than Washington D.C. & their fest is nationally televised. Ours is crowded enough, tho, thanks! LOL

Every year one of the big highlights for me is the Ocmulgee lantern tour. You can walk the paths of the Ocmulgee Indian mounds in the dark! It’s spectacular. I got to do it once, about 20 years ago. It was Soooooooooo cool! & Every year, I hope to do it again. But alas, not this year. Once again, I either worked ( every freakin’ day this week, of course.) or I sat here. Today ( Saturday) I did go, by myself, to the Mulberry street arts & crafts fair. I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of sitting here, doing nothing on my day off!!! ( Granted, I didn’t leave the house ’til after 1pm, but I did leave! LOL) Of course We were supposed to go, & to the fair, & to the Indian Mounds & to see Howl at Society Garden. But NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Instead I’m sitting at home wishing I was doing something. Story of my freakin’ life. ~sigh~

Last Sunday we Did march in the Cherry Blossom Festival Parade with a few of the other local 501st/Ocmulgee squad folks. They put us dead freakin’ last, so, as usual, we stood around, melting for almost 3 hours before we even started. Then, as usual ( Why do they do this shit?!?!?!?) , we had to walk 5 blocks to get to the beginning of the parade route. ~sigh~ The parade itself lasts maybe 45 min. ( 4 blocks up, 1 block over, 4 blocks back) But the marching part of the parade was great! ~smile~ I got to see a few folks, so that was cool. Vader is always a big hit. & Suzanne’s daughter Lauren got some pretty good pix.
tola ajibade
Above Jedi photo by Tola Abijade

So he was all excited about marchin’ in the parade. So now he’s all fired up about Star Wars again. Yeee haaaaw. ~eye roll~ I just get tired of listening to him bitch about the fandom. Yet, he wants to troop. If you troop, you have to talk to the fans! DUH!!! Arrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh (He’s like me & does NOT like what Disney’s doin’. Throwin’ out all the previous stuff, but workin’ it back in anyway, under different names. Grrrrrrr)  Anyway, by the time we were done with the parade, we were tired. Plus, I still had to finish cleaning The Wise Blood House. So I went back to work. No after parade dinner with the squad for us.
That’s when he said we’d do the arts & crafts thing, & the fair, & the lantern tour. Did we, nope. So I go back to work tomorrow for a long day at The Wise Blood House, & so begins my week. Joyous.

Oh, & to top it off ( which I’m sure is half the reason he doesn’t want to do anything….), the idiot “farm hand” his Dad has workin’ for him, managed to get “our” horse killed Friday afternoon. He turned Fudge, along with 8-10 other, unfamiliar, horses into a small 5 acre pasture & they started pickin’ on Fudge, ran him into a corner, & he reared up, & came down on a metal fence post. Now Fudge had been completely stall raised from the time he was born ( in 1999) ’til 2016, when Chad cautiously turned him out. ( We kept our eye on him for the first few weeks, as he wasn’t savvy with the ways of the pasture. lol ) He was a Champion Paint show horse & stud allllllllllll of his life, until he came to the farm. ( He was gelded in 2015, which surprisingly, didn’t kill him.) Chad kept him stalled for almost 2 years, being pretty much the only person who took care of him. Then, because when we went somewhere, no one would take care of him, Chad turned him out, where he could at least graze! We rode Fudge, fed him, looked after him. & this idiot got him killed. To say Chad was/is livid is a bit of an understatement. No one likes the idiot anyway. Chad’s Mom won’t even let him in her yard!!! & Glen feels sorry for him ’cause he’s too stupid to get a job anywhere else. & yet somehow, I bet, Glen still has him workin’ for him. He’s broken I don’t know how much stuff, left gates open for horses & cows to get out & now this. Motherfucker would NEVER set foot on my property again, if it were me!!! So I kinda’ understand why he’s not in much of a mood to go out. But, maaaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee if he went out, he wouldn’t sit around & brood all day/night, either. Oh well, whatever, just another “lost” day off. Why should he care if all *I* ever do is work. What the fuck. It just annoys the piss outta’ me!!! The lantern tour & Howl at Society Garden were both FREE events. No money required! I realize he’s still without a job, but I think I can afford $10 to take us out 1 night of the week. But noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. So here I sit. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna’ sit down there with him. If he wants to sit at home & be miserable, then he can do it by himself, as can I. He doesn’t need me to keep him company.

So there’s another exciting weekend for me. Next weekend, it’s work, work, work…



Shoulda’ been….



Right now, I should be sittin’ in Earhardt S.C. at Broxton Bridge, but instead I’m at home, wishin’ I was there. ~sigh~ I’m still Very annoyed that Greyhound doesn’t run to half the places they used to. Bastards! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr If they did, I would be going to Andersonville next weekend! At least I can walk to the Memorial service at Rose Hill in April! & Uber to Old Clinton if I can’t get a ride.~wink~ & I know I can catch a ride in Oct. to Andersonville with Ronda. ~smile~ & I’ll ride the bus North for Hurricane Shoals. So at least there’s 2 or 3 things I CAN get to. ~smile~
Fuck You, Greyhound! I’ll use ya when ya work for me!  HA!

Our weather has been it’s usual goofy self this week. Hot, windy, rainy, cold. I was sweating Monday, & today I have on fleece tights. Welcome to Georgia! LOL

I’ve been on critter duty this week, along with my regular cleaning jobs. 4 dogs & 3 cats at 3 different homes. Fortunately, they’re all on the same street! How funny is that!?!?! LOL Works great for me, tho, as I don’t have as far to walk!  The stairs are a stone bitch, but…
Annnnnnnnnnd, I’m off from cleaning today. Just Dogs & Cats to feed & walk.~smile~ Days like this are somewhat of a rarity for me these days. But oh so welcome. It’s nice to be able to sleep a little later & not have to rush around to get everything done. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh It is sooooooooooooooooooooo nice to be able to sit here & know I don’t have to be anywhere ’til 6 o’clock!!! ~smile~ How wonderful!!!

I still wish I was sittin’ in front of a tent, in front of a campfire, tho. ~sigh~


Blah blah blah


With all the rain & warm temperatures we’ve been having a lot of plants are starting to bloom. As pretty as it is, it’s just too early for this nonsense! LOL I still want Winter, not Spring! Not Yet!!! I was sweating earlier this week! I’m not supposed to sweat in February!!! Arrrrgggghhhhhhh!!!

I did manage to watch The Frankenstein Chronicles on Netflix the other day. Pretty damn good! The costumes & sets are AWESOME!!!! 2 thumbs up!!! I love the griminess & dinginess of it!!! FABULOUS!!!! Went thru both seasons in 2 days! LOL Good stuff! I might even watch it again!!! lol
I also watched the live action movie Full Metal Alchemist. I enjoyed it, a Lot! There’s, of course, a bunch of people out there that just pick it apart. ~sad face~  “those people” aren’t ever happy with Anything. ~rolls eyes~ They always have to pick everything apart & compare it to something, or how they would’ve done it. That’s nice, but You didn’t DO it!!! Just be happy it got done! HA! Enjoy it for what it is & quit bein’ a whiner!!! I’m sick to death of whiny people!!! ( which is why I get so annoyed with myself! LOL I’m whiny! LOL )

& I did NOT lose my photos & stuff when I reloaded Windows yesterday. ~smile~
But, I don’t think it “fixed” anything, either.~pout~ I still have that goofy little thing in the bottom right hand of my screen that says “Activate windows. Go to settings to activate Windows” but when I try, it gives me yet another error code. ~sad face~ I really wish there was someone around who could work on it & not charge me an arm & a leg. ~sad face~
A lot of it could be my lousy ass internet connection, too. It’s so bad up here that my T.V. won’t even connect. ~sad face~ I’d get 1 of those booster/repeater things if I thought I could hook it up & get it to work, but I’m leery, as I have no computer saavy to speak of. & so far, no one has offered to help, soooooooo, I’ll just deal with it.

It seems no one has time for anyone else anymore. I know I’m always workin’. Or almost always. & when I do have time off, like today, I don’t wanna’ do anything.
I mean I want to go to an event, but that’s different. That’s planned, usually months in advance.
& Godz know, I don’t need anyone comin’ to visit me in my pig sty!!! lol
So I just sit in my apt., by myself, on my computer. Such excitement! lol